Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Strength - Insanity Asylum Review

Insanity Asylum - Strength Review

Equipment Needed

  • Dumbbells or Bands
  • Chin Up Bar

Muscles Trained

  • Total Body
Workout Score: Athlete 9/10
If you just want to view what the workout is geared towards, scroll to the results to see the muscle building, fat loss, performance, and other results.

   Strength is your total body strength workout. Dumbbells are utilized throughout the workout while also using the chin up bar for back work. You warm up with the dumbbell, circling it around your head and squatting, just good moves to prepare to muscles for the weightlifting. Shaun T uses one weight the whole time, which probably none of us will do. Feel free to have a few dumbbells so you can do all the moves with proper form while still feeling the burn.
  The actual workout begins with a combo move, where you have the weights in hand, do a curl, squat, then do a push up on the ground with the weights still in hand. After that, you go into alternating shoulder presses, and then rotation jumps with a dumbbell.These are the basic combo moves that will  increase in difficulty and compexity in the next rounds. For example, in the second round the combo move turns into a curl, squat, push up on the ground, and spiders on both sides then another pushup, the shoulder presses becoming reciprocating overhead presses, and the rotation jumps add in a curl.
   After the rounds, you jump into back exercises, starting with hip flies and wide flys with the dumbbells, and then jump pulls on the chin up bar and then back to the dumbbells with another set of hip flies. Now you got a pyramid with pull ups and push ups or rows and push ups, and then what do you know, another set of hip flies afterwards. Next you got rock climbing switches on the pull up bar which are just insane.
   Next you grab your dumbbells and hit the ground, you got chest presses with leg extensions followed by squatted flies which are just kind of an active carido rest move. Thats considered one 'round' while the next round increases the difficult and varies the chest press move, with round 2 making it single leg extenstions while only pressing one dumbbell followed by back fly lunges.The next round just increases the difficulty by having you do chest presses with a full time leg extension. And just when you thought the cool down will start at 3 minutes, you instead do frog jumps with one legged planks, and then the cool down!

The Review

Strength is your total body workout, although I do have to say the legs are worked minimally. That being said, if you would ever want to hybrid this or create your own schedule, you could do strength followed by vertical plyo. The leg work is really enough to kill your legs and build muscle, but it is there and does a good job conditioning your entire body. The training featured are some circuit work that progressively get harder, and straight old school lifting and pulling. It hits all the muscle groups great with a lot of variety except for the legs as previously mentioned. This combo moves will greatly build your total body strength and endurance, and the back exercises hits every part of your back! You never find real athletes doing basic moves like bicep curls and other isolation moves, and the Asylum knows that by taking the path of total body movements and supplementing weight lifting in areas where are needed.

Ask anyone who as done Asylum, and they will say Vertical Plyo was the hardest. This is probably the hardest workout I have done, and it is also  one of the most effective. You get what you put into it, and this is the highest impact workout. You should never do this much plyometrics if you have injuries, that being said if you can do this workout expect to get great results.

Asylum itself is geared toward the athlete, but I still will go over all type of peoples results. These scores are how well they contribute to a certain goal.

  • Strength 10/10 
  • Endurance 9/10
  • Fat Loss 8/10
  • Performance 8/10
  • Muscle Building 10/10

  • Increased Endurance
  • Strength Gains
  • Muscle Building
  • Fast Paced = Good Fat Burning
  • Great Upper Body Workout


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